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How Can I Help Louisiana?
Track # 311905
Annotations by:  Karen Westfall
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Middle (5-9)
Social Sciences
Last Modified:
May 1, 2007
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During the six weeks, the students will be learning a lot of information on how to protect Louisiana's coastal prairies, forests, swamps, and marsh lands.  Each Track contains a website with information, pictures, games and activities.  For the project, the students will be placed in groups of three or four.  The groups will be gathering information from each track to build a PowerPoint presentation.  The presentation will be based on Louisiana's coastal prairies, forests, swamps, marsh lands, and more.  Each group will be assigned a certain wetland.  The presentation must contain twelves slides including the introduction slide and conclusion slide.  The groups will present their presentations at the end of the six weeks.  During class, there will be time to work on the project. 

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