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Little House in the Big Woods Comprehension
Track # 47111
Annotations by:  Ricky Broadway
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Middle (5-9)
Language Arts
Last Modified:
Apr 4, 2001
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The unit "Little House in the big Woods" was chosen because it will allow my students to increase their reading comprehension as they identify the elements of a story. This was the area of weakness, as was stated in the learning gap. In this unit the students will use the Internet to read, write a letter and a book report. The Tennessee State Curriculum Framework in Reading Grades 3-5 states in the learner expectations that the students will improve reading comprehension by utilizing sources of information including technological sources as well as interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing and evaluating a written text. This unit also, will help the students use the higher order thinking skills taken from the teacher profile questions stating that the students will be willing to try things that are hard to do and they will develop the willingness to use the internet to complete class projects.
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